About Cialis in the USA

Welcome to the MD Cialis in the USA!

We are a U.S. based company that provides advertising services for online prescriptions and consultations – for sexual dysfunction, and other FDA approved medications.

MD Cialis provides accurate information and instructions on ordering Cialis for education purposes only. None of the informational content contained is a substitute for the diagnosis of your condition by a registered health care professional, followed by the prescription of drugs appropriate to your condition.

Cialis is a prescription drug, and you are positively advised that, before starting to take Cialis in any form, you should go for a complete health check. A proper prescription by a registered medical practitioner is essential before buying or ordering Cialis in any form. You are warned that different combinations of drugs can interact and you must take all necessary precautions before adding Cialis to your treatment regime.

When seeking treatment, you should, therefore, make sure your medical practitioner is aware of any health problems that you have, or any other medicines you take.